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UPDATE: 5/5/2015 -- The Smokies continue to be on fire! Lots of bugs, especially on overcast or drizzly days, but you can stay in fish regardless of whether there is a hatch going on by fishing a light colored dry fly with a small bead head dropper underneath. I've been fishing a Parachute Light Cahill with a variety of nymphs as the dropper. Guide trips are seeing some fantastic numbers of fish. On Sunday during a father/son beginner trip, the son caught 27 trout on his first time ever fly fishing. Now that is a good day!

The Caney Fork is dropping into great shape for float trips. Yesterday I had an all day float that saw two first time fly fishermen each get into double digit numbers of fish! The flows will continue to settle down with the dry weather we are experiencing so go ahead and book your trip today to get out on this fine tailwater.

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Photo of the Month: Spring Rainbow Trout

Photo of the Month: Spring Rainbow Trout

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

March is the Month

I've caught many nice browns over the years.  March and April have been particularly kind to me when it comes to catching big browns in the Smokies.  Here is one really nice brown from Little River from March a couple of years ago.

The best part about this fish?  I didn't actually catch it.  Well, not exactly anyway.  For those that have not read the story, go back a couple of years in time and check out this old blog post.   It is one of the crazier fishing stories I've ever been a participant in.


  1. Cool story, David. The link sent me to the wrong archived blog post... but I figured it out. ;)
    I had an experience last summer hooking a 4" Green Sunfish on a popper and having a 5 lb bass come out of nowhere to try and eat it. It was fun playing that hawg for a few seconds until he realized his meal was putting up too much of a fight and spit it out.

    1. Thanks for the heads up on the link Jay! Hope I've got it fixed. That would be pretty cool to see with bass. I've watched bass busting bait and can only imagine what it would be like if that "bait" was on the end of my line...



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