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UPDATE: 4/27/2015 -- Bugs, bugs bugs! Light colors are now here in force. Light Cahills, Sulfurs, Pale Evening Duns, Yellow Sallies, all are on the water at times and accounting for fish. March Browns and Hendricksons are still showing up some, especially as spinners when it comes to the Hendricksons otherwise they are almost over. Blue-winged Olives and Little Black caddis are still out and about. In other words, the fishing is always on the verge of greatness and will be excellent when bugs are on the water.

Warm water options are heating up and I'm offering 1/2 day trips in the Cookeville/Crossville area for anyone wanting to target bass, bluegill and shellcracker and trout all in one trip. This will only last a short time as the water will soon warm too much for the trout so get on this trip option in the next couple of weeks.

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Photo of the Month: Dry Flies and Brook Trout

Photo of the Month: Dry Flies and Brook Trout

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Long Drive

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  1. Whew, I'm worn out. Are we there yet?




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