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UPDATE: 3/30/2015 -- Most of the Quill Gordons have hatched now. Afternoon and evening spinner falls have been good to great. A few Blue Quills are still hatching and we have even seen a Hendrickson or two. Little Black Caddis and midges have also been out in good numbers. Early Brown Stoneflies are still around for a few more days. The dry fly fishing is good and the nymph fishing is good to excellent. Fish are happy!

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Photo of the Month: Winter Sunset

Photo of the Month: Winter Sunset

Thursday, July 22, 2010

No fishing...

...but on the bright side the sunset was really nice this evening!!! An isolated shower was moving slowly along to the southwest making for some nice photo opportunities. The colors playing through the clouds during the sunset were as nice as any I've seen yet this year...

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  1. No Fishing? That's worse than no catching - speaking of no catching I saw, yet failed to hook up a striper on the Hiwassee today. Olive bunny zonker, natural bunny zonker both failed - any suggestions?



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