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UPDATE: 5/5/2015 -- The Smokies continue to be on fire! Lots of bugs, especially on overcast or drizzly days, but you can stay in fish regardless of whether there is a hatch going on by fishing a light colored dry fly with a small bead head dropper underneath. I've been fishing a Parachute Light Cahill with a variety of nymphs as the dropper. Guide trips are seeing some fantastic numbers of fish. On Sunday during a father/son beginner trip, the son caught 27 trout on his first time ever fly fishing. Now that is a good day!

The Caney Fork is dropping into great shape for float trips. Yesterday I had an all day float that saw two first time fly fishermen each get into double digit numbers of fish! The flows will continue to settle down with the dry weather we are experiencing so go ahead and book your trip today to get out on this fine tailwater.

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Photo of the Month: Spring Rainbow Trout

Photo of the Month: Spring Rainbow Trout

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Solunar Tables

Our latest poll was on the topic of solunar tables that forecast the best fishing days, including the time of major feeding periods. I found the results interesting but also largely what I expected. I majority of responses were for the "Never" category. As I said, it was not unexpected but I think that a lot of people are missing out on some great opportunities. Of course, a lot of people don't get out that often (like me now) unfortunately and don't have the luxury of going on the forecast best days. They are just glad to be able to go when they can.

I would be willing to bet that the people that do pay attention to these tables have discovered some incredible fishing during the forecast peak periods. Fisherman that target large fish are especially likely to refer to these charts, at least in my experience. Personal experience has taught me that there really is something to these charts and I go fishing during "best" days as often as possible. If you haven't ever looked at a solunar fishing table or very rarely, I would encourage you to give it a shot. It can't hurt anything...


  1. ijsouth11:14 PM

    I don't know...I remember a while back (and I'm dating myself now), back in the 70s bass fishing scene, that the Solunar Tables were fairly popular. You don't see as much on them nowadays, or perhaps I just don't notice them. Saltwater fishing dominates down here, so the tide charts are everything, along with the wind speed and direction.

  2. It is amazing but most of my very best days for both numbers and size have been during "good" (or even fair) days according to the charts... I honestly don't plan trips strictly around them but if I see it is a peak day and I have time free, I'll usually try to wet a line somewhere...



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